Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't the information you need please contact us on live chat right now,
accessed on the bottom right of your screen. is part of the Think Huge Ltd group who has been serving the technology industry since 2012. With over 10,000 live customers, and a network spanning the globe. We are ready to help you around the clock.
We offer round the clock support by both ticket and live chat.
Yup! We can help you migrate your VPS to any one of our available locations.
We take automatic backups of your VPS every week. You can also opt for a daily backup solution which we highly recommend. This can be used to do a bare metal recovery, bringing your server back online exactly as it was. We store up to 14 recovery points for you if you opt for the daily backup addon.
You are billed in advance for the VPS that you purchase. We support numerous payment providers including Visa / Mastercard / Amex / Paypal / Skrill / Bitcoin
We are not required to bill any form of Tax on any of the products that we sell.
We support all major credit / debit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin and Skrill.
Your bandwidth usage is based on the highest of either inbound or outbound traffic. Your VPS is limited to the bandwidth that you have purchased with your VPS and can be upgraded at any time. You can monitor your bandwidth usage from inside your control panel.
No. You get what you pay for. We will not bill you any hidden charges.
Yes we offer full VNC console access via your control panel.
Yes IPv6 is available in all our datacenter locations.
Yes you can configure your VPS with multiple VPS from the order page or upgrade at any time via your control panel.
We use R1Soft to take daily snapshots (if using our daily backup module). These get broken down into recovery points which allow us to recover your VPS to any of those previous data points. We can recover individual files and put them back into their original location live, while your VPS is active, or recover the entire VPS to a previous state (bare metal restore).

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All our VPS come with a 7 day money back guarantee